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Ditka - Ne bodi kot drugi

CD »Ne bodi kot drugi« (2013) is a combination of five lyrics of Slovenian poets set to music (Feri Lainšček, Tone and Marko Pavček) and five original songs in English.

Musical setting of poetry as well as the arrangements are the work of Gorazd Čepin, English part of the CD in its entirety is authorship of Gorazd Čepin and Ditka.

Co-author of the arrangement in two poetrys is Matthew Šalehar - Hamo. On the CD is also a karaoke version of the song »Ne bodi kot drugi«.
14.00 €

Ditka - Ne spreminjaj me

CD "Ne spreminjaj me" (2016) was made in colaboration with slovenian poet and writer Feri Lainšček.

On the CD there are 9 poetry put to music for which music was written by Ditka and Gorazd Čepin. There is also an english version of the song "Ne bodi kot drugi", which was translated by Phillip Burt. The main theme of all of the songs is love.

All of the arrangements are the work of Gorazd Čepin, co-author of the arrangement of the song "Ne spreminjaj me" is Dejan Dimec.

List of the songs: Vabilo, Ljubi me kot sonce sije, Ne spreminjaj me, Arabeska ljubezni, Bližina, Vesela, Nihče ne ve, Drugi breg želja, Demon ljubezni, Don't be like the others.
14.00 €

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